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ATA Tigers

Grow, Develop,
Learn, Thrive

Age appropriate programs aimed at developing physical and mental capabilities

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For Kids

Respect, Self-Esteem & Confidence Building

Children can learn martial arts in a safe and stress free environment.

teen boy karate punching

Martial Arts For Teens & Adults

Mind and Body Training for a healthy, fit life style

Learn self-confidence, get in shape, sharper minds, and valuable life skills.

adult woman karate punching

Martial Arts
For Women

Kick Your Fitness Up –
Intensity is Key

Martial Arts classes are exciting, challenging, motivating, and effective.

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My son has been a student at this school for over 3 years now. We have followed them from their old location to the new one because my son thoroughly enjoys attending classes here. He has benefited in many ways from attending this program. They teach honor, respect, loyalty, discipline, and other life skills in

February 4, 2015

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Message from Sr. Master Gerald Dunn

Welcome to ATA Martial Arts of Poughkeepsie where we have been serving Dutchess county since 1991. We are
standing by to show you our facility and introduce you to what we have to offer you and your family.

Quality and Experience

ATA Martial Arts offers quality instruction. With 32 years of experience teaching martial arts, Sr Master Dunn’s focus is on the training needs of each individual student. His goal is to see every student reach their maximum potential.

Specialized classes for each age group

The ATA Martial Arts training curriculum focus on three specific age groups;
1. Pre-school Tigers
2.Karate for Kids for the elementary age group
3.Martial Arts for Teens & Adults.
ATA Martial Arts offers a variety of specific programs for each age group.
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Martial Arts Will Bring Out The Best Of You No Matter Personality!

Martial Arts is Known For Its Efficiency Martial Arts will help you to discover your body’s natural rhythm and the ways to make them much more effective. To achieve this, you will be taught body weight techniques. Its that time of the year again. The cold of winter has made your body unfit and you […]

Martial Arts RespectQuote1 e1514314871147 300x173 Respect in Martial Arts  Part one

Respect in Martial Arts- Part one

Thinking about RESPECT… There are three levels of respect to consider during this time of year… We will discuss all three of them and how they relate to karate and martial arts training at ATA Martial Arts. The first… Respect for Yourself… If you Respect yourself, you would treat yourself well. Your body and your […]

Focus on the Present to Achieve your Goals

Many of us want to accomplish great things. However, often we fail to reach our goals. This happens not due to lack of trying, but rather due to us not working smartly. We often have the ultimate goal in mind, but we do not pay attention to the steps involved in achieving that goal. Focusing […]

Martial Arts For Seniors 1 Martial Arts, Never Too Late To Learn!

Martial Arts, Never Too Late To Learn!

As we get older we seem to lose the edge we used to have, be it in speed, focus and sometimes even memory. Seniors can be more active as compared to their juniors if health permits. In fact, many seniors have reported that the sole thing holding them back is physical discomfort. This is where martial arts […]