Great Teachers!

MR and MRS Dunn are two very great karate teachers they have helped my daughter come so far from when she started at the age of 3 to now being 5 they take the time to go over everthing with the children and also if they need help with something they have teached my daughter so much in a year and a half there school is one of the cleanest and happiest people from the Daudier family

Danielle Daudier
Happy Parent

Our daughter loves it.

It is never ever a chore to get our daughter to go to class. She jumps at the opportunity every time. The instructors are kind and patient with structure and high expectations.

Anne Messley

Great for Self-Confidence

This is a wonderful place to bring young or old. It specializes in age three thru adult classes. You can not find a better teacher then Master D. And his wife . They are very patient and knowledgeable in their profession. The kids love them both and respect them. In karate you learn confidence, respect, responsibility, and self control. Many more aspects are taught in these classes. My daughter is going on her 2nd degree black belt and she loves her karate family. Its very empowering to her. Bring your kids, friends, family, or yourself and give this great karate establishment a try.

Barbara Dostie
Satisfied Parent

Great program, my son loves it

My son has been a student at this school for over 3 years now. We have followed them from their old location to the new one because my son thoroughly enjoys attending classes here. He has benefited in many ways from attending this program. They teach honor, respect, loyalty, discipline, and other life skills in addition to self defense. My son's confidence has also vastly improved from this program. They also teach methods of dealing with bullying. I would recommend it to any child looking for a sense of accomplishment, and a boost in self esteem.

Michael Kology
Proud Father

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